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velvet sofa

4 reasons to dare with a velvet sofa

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One of the undisputed protagonists of the season has been velvet, and I already anticipate: it is going to stay for a while. If you have dared to incorporate it little by little, perhaps in cushions, or in details to dress your tables, surely you have been falling in love with its warmth and softness.

Now that you have lost your fear of this material, which is one of those that brings more strength, personality, and status to decoration, I suggest you make the leap to something bigger and more protagonist: the sofa. Here are 4 reasons to take the step, in case you still have some doubts:

Full trendvelvet sofa

We have been saying it, velvet is the trendiest thing this season, so getting a sofa, which is probably the most voluminous piece of furniture in the living room, means joining the “we love velvet” wave.

But do not panic! Do not think that because it is a trend now, tomorrow it can be a giant nuisance in your living room. Because velvet survives the passing of time and fashions. Now it has been reborn as a trend, and the truth is that it has been in our decorations and closets for decades. And although there are stages in which it has shone less strongly, it has always remained an elegant and distinguished piece. One of those that is always difficult to get rid of.

We could say that it is a classic that has become fashionable, so no matter where you look at it, it’s a good idea!

Absolute protagonistvelvet sofa

Choosing the sofa is always difficult, it all depends on your tastes and, above all, on the composition and dynamics of your family. You can choose a neutral and basic one that takes on the personality of the space as a whole, but it can also be the focus of your decoration, the star of your living room. It is clear that a velvet sofa fits option two.

If you already have a sofa, you can choose a velvet one as a secondary or, if you have little space, put the emphasis with a nice armchair.

Fits any stylevelvet sofa

Although it is an undeniable focus of attention, a velvet sofa is also very versatile and fits in any style. In their golden age we used to see them in classic and very refined decorations, but today they have managed to adapt to lighter styles, such as boho, and even minimal.

It all depends on the shape and structure of the sofa. The colors also help define. Generally, dark ones, like black, bottle green, or burgundy, are more sober and serious, while light ones, like gray, or flashy ones, like mustard, are more playful and carefree.

Keep in mind also that in sofas, as in everything, cushions can be the definitive key to achieving one look or another.

For all budgetsvelvet sofa

Velvet has long had a reputation for being expensive since in the past it was difficult to manufacture and the raw materials to make it were very expensive. Today we find velvets for all pockets. The fundamental difference is the material from which they are made. Thus, the range varies from velvets of silk, linen, or cotton to those of synthetic polyester fibers.