What Things Are Made of Marble?

Marble is the most popular natural stone on earth, and it has many different uses in construction and interior design. Most marble is used as a flooring material, because it is a very durable material that is easy to install, and relatively inexpensive.

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Homeowners use marble in kitchen countertops and in wall tile applications, as well as tiles for entrance grilles and patios. In addition to being used in architecture and home construction, marble can also be used to create sculptures and decorative pieces for homes, including table tops and statues. Some people think that it is not feasible to recreate marble, because it is too valuable a stone. This is simply not true. Many artists have learned to control the colours and glaze tones in order to replicate the natural beauty of the stone, and even the colour hue. For Marble Tiles, visit Irwin Tiles

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What are some other interesting facts about marble? The natural stone is extremely durable, and the tiles you see in public parks and public areas were made centuries ago using marble. They must have been very expensive, since marble is rare and expensive. Today, marble tiles are often used in public buildings, because of their beautiful designs, and low cost. Many homes have marble floors, and they look great!