What are dental implants

Dental implants are a popular form of dental cosmetic surgery.  They are metal, or in some cases ceramic, shells that are installed into the jawbone and give the look of a natural tooth. These types of implants provide added benefits over traditional replacements, such as dentures. This is because they are permanently fixed into the jawbone which means that they function in the same way that a natural tooth would. There is no worry of the tooth, or teeth, becoming dislodged or falling out whilst you are talking. This can be one of the worries when it comes to using dentures., fortunately, Kumra Orthodontics makes sure that their patients get the most effective treatment they could give.

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Dental implants will consist of a single tooth being replaced that is held securely in place by the gum line and the underlying bones. The dental implant is connected permanently to the jawbone through the use of a titanium screw that is positioned in place. The implant is cemented into place using a silicone based adhesive and, in some cases, other gels may be used as well.

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One of the best options is for a titanium post to be secured directly onto the jawbone by using a single screw; the titanium post is then attached to the dental implant. The method that is used to put the implant in place will depend very much on the style of implants that are used by the dental professional that you have chosen, as well as the health and strength of the bones in your jaw and whether you have other dental issues such as receding gum lines.  A company that offers All on 4 dental implants such as www.arnicadentalcare.co.uk will be able to talk through the options that are best for you.