Super Summer Skin Care

Are you worried about your skin care routine when you travel to a warmer climate? Many of us are only concerned with sun creams and the effects of the sunlight, but it’s important to also consider the stress that travelling puts on your skin. We should aim to have healthy, sun-kissed skin both during and after our holidays.

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You’ll be glad you did a little work before your trip, but keep in mind that the space in your suitcase is limited. Pack a facial cleansing product that reduces redness and removes excess oil. Consider a moisturiser which can be used both at night and during the day to save space. Applying a rich moisturiser to your skin the night before you fly can help to hydrate it. You should also cleanse and exfoliate your skin before leaving. For advice from a Skin Clinic Exeter, visit

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Before you travel, exfoliating will help remove excess oil and unclog pores. This should reduce your risk of arriving at your destination with pimples. It can be tempting before travelling to jump on the sunbed and get a head-start on the tan, but resist. The UV rays of sunbeds damage your skin’s collagen and elastin. Damage to these can increase your chances of developing wrinkles.

Keep your makeup light and simple when you fly. Stay hydrated to keep the skin hydrated. Blotting paper is a handy and easy way to remove excess oil in your T-zone while on the plane.