How to Deal With Troublesome Ear Wax

Ear wax is an important part of the body. It helps clean the ears, protects them from infection and lubricates them to stop them from becoming dry. The ear canal has glands that produce it and they make it in two forms: wet or dry. What kind of earwax you have depends on genetics just like eye colour. Most people have wet earwax.

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A person should never try to Ear wax removal with certain objects, including cotton buds. Poking around inside the ear canal can cause a buildup and can even damage the eardrum. The best home remedy is to use a washcloth to wipe the outer ear canal. However, if the ears have a tendency to over-produce earwax, a doctor can prescribe drops to soften it and help it come out of the ear.

Over-the-counter ear wax softeners include baby oil, mineral oil, glycerin and hydrogen peroxide. Put one or two drops into the ear canal and tilt the head so the treated ear faces up to allow the liquid to soak in. For help with Ear wax removal, go to

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Another way to remove earwax is to flush it with warm water using a special bulb syringe designed for the ears. It is also available over-the-counter in brand names and generic form. Before trying this, a person should first soften the earwax with an over-the-counter earwax remover or a few drops of baby oil. Then, a person should gently flush the ear canal with warm water and drain it away.