Heart Attacks – What are they and how can you Reduce your Risk?

Heart attack is something that is loaded with seriousness and fear – often when we hear someone speaking about a heart attack, it is something that has proven deadly. But what actually is a heart attack, and how can you reduce the risk of having one?

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In simple terms, a heart attack is what happens when the supply of blood is blocked to the heart. This is something that can come on any time, any place and quite quickly, so making sure that you are a ware of the signs of a heart attack, and by taking measures such as ensuring that people in a family or workplace take a training course like this first aid at work Cheltenham based course, with tidal training direct, means that you can potentially save your own or another person’s life.

Lifestyle can have a lot to do with the risk of heart attack. Living a healthier lifestyle will drastically reduce your risk. Some of the things that you can do for a healthier heart are:

Better Diet – There are many foods that are not good for the health of your heart. Foods that are high calorie, high in fat and high in cholesterol should be reduced, instead, eat whole grains, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Smoking – We all know that smoking is bad for you, and this includes for your heart. In fact, one of the best things that you can do for your overall health is to give up smoking.

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Exercise – Exercise is important for your heart health – getting your heart beating and your blood flowing. Make sure that you are exercising regularly for better heart health.