Winter wedding ideas for the perfect day

Winter weddings can be magical events. Here are some top tips to help you create a memorable day for you and your guests.

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Floral Wedding Arch

Winter flowers can become a stand-out feature of your wedding and a glorious wedding arch can make the perfect backdrop to your vows. Crisp foliage can be combined with dried or real flowers of your choice to add freshness and beauty to your seasonal event.

Hanging Flowers

Flowers will naturally play a big part in weddings, but why confine them to arches, bouquets, and table-top displays? Winter-themed foliage and flowers hanging from the ceiling can transform the room and instantly create a winter wonderland feeling. This is a perfect way to make even larger spaces seem intimate and cosy. Find out more about the types of winter flowers you could choose on the Royal Horticultural Society website.

Natural Decorations

Wedding decorations don’t necessarily have to centre on flowers and green foliage. A brick barn can look stunning, adorned with branches and twigs, for example. This idea is perfect if you like the idea of a winter woodland setting but want to avoid the elements and stay indoors.

Whatever your venue, make sure you are properly protected – from unfortunate events as well as the weather. This might include having a back-up venue or taking out specialist Medical cover for events.

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Fairy Lights

Just as medical cover for events can provide a light at the end of the tunnel if your plans take a negative turn, fairy lights can transform your wedding venue.

They are perfect for darker nights and days, whether you choose to simply light up a couple of floral decorations or adorn the ceiling and walls with twinkling bulbs.