What Might you Expect at an Indian Wedding?

If you are invited to an Indian wedding and you are a first timer, you may well be wondering what to expect and how to prepare for the event. An Indian wedding differs in many ways from a traditional western wedding, and it is a great party!

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Of course there will be the ceremony itself, food and dancing and also a photographer like this Indian wedding photographer Bath based professional photographer https://www.nickrutterphotography.co.uk/photography-packages/indian-wedding-photographer/bath/ but here are some of the things that are different to what you would usually expect at a British traditional wedding…

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The Party Goes on For Days – An Indian wedding event is not limited to one day -it usually spreads over three or four and there are lots of pre wedding events involved too.

Money is the Traditional Gift to Give – Money is the traditional gift to give at an Indian wedding, so don’t buy a gift unless you have been specifically asked to.

It’s very Colourful – An Indian wedding is a very colourful event, and red, gold, pink and orange are colours that often feature heavily. Bright colours are worn by the bride and groom as well as the guests.

There will be Lots of Guests – Because the event is such a big affair with many family and friends being involved, it is not unusual for an Indian wedding to have hundreds of people on the guest list. This means that you will typically expect buffest food rather than a sit down meal in a restaurant as it makes it easier to cater for many people.