The thriving city of Belfast

There are few cities in the world that have seen as much as Belfast has over the last one hundred and fifty years. The scene of a conflict on its streets for so long, the creator of one of the most incredible ships to ever set sail and a country that has given us one of the most famous and enduring television shows ever made is the largest urban setting in Northern Ireland, this old Town has seen it all. Now truly emerging from the shadows of the past.

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One such example is how the city and the country have embraced the modern industry. One prime example is that of the Digital Marketing Belfast based company This was the city where they built The Titanic and then sent the unsinkable ship out into the world. Belfast is also an architectural jewel with its incredible city centre and the majestic Stormont, the seat of local government and power-sharing.

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It’s also just opened an interactive museum dedicated to its other great export, the countryside and the land itself. Northern Ireland was the main setting for almost all of the HBO Game of Throne series. This phenomenally popular show ran for eight seasons winning countless awards and platitudes. It’s contributed to a huge increased level of tourism as so many of the sites featured in the show can easily be visited and accessed.