5 Things You Can do to Make Your Camping Trip More Exciting

Camping is an amazing way to return to nature, but it can also start feeling like a little slog. Camping trips are inherently exciting—who doesn’t love waking up next to the lake? But there are ways to make your trip even more exciting and fun, whether you’re going for the first time or have been doing this for years. Here are five quick tips for making your camping trip more exciting:

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1.   Learn a new skill

Learning how to tie knots is an excellent way to enjoy your camping trip more. There are a lot of different knots, and they’re all useful in their way. If you want to learn how to tie a knot, you can check out our article here!

Fire-making is an essential skill every camper should know how to do. You want to make sure your whole trip is safe from being unable to start a fire when you need one! The first thing we recommend is learning to build various fires using different materials; this will help you decide which type of fire suits your needs best on any given day. We have articles on building several different kinds of campfires here: [link]

The next thing we would recommend doing is learning some basic wilderness navigation skills, such as reading maps and using compasses or GPS devices (if/when necessary).

2.   Try CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies are a great way to get the benefits of CBD in a fun and interactive way. CBD Gummies are easy to use, available in many different flavors, and can even be found online.

CBD Gummies are made with hemp oil, rich in nutrients like omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E. Although they don’t contain the same amount of CBD as other cannabis products, you can still relieve your pain or anxiety with these gummies.

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3.   Try something different

The great thing about camping is that it can be like going on a vacation, but you don’t have to pay for airfare or a hotel room. If you’re looking for new and exciting ways to make your next camping trip more exciting, try doing something different. Try something new. Try something different with friends or alone (if you’re feeling adventurous). You could even try doing the same activity in a new way with friends! For example:

  • Go hiking instead of walking down the street
  • See if there are any local farmers’ markets where you live that carry fresh produce from local farms
  • Take up archery at the archery range near your home

4.   Plan a campfire tale session

Campfire tale sessions are a great way to get to know your family better. It’s also fun to bond with friends, so invite them along!

Planning is essential for this activity. You’ll need enough wood for the fire and some stories ready to tell (or find material online). The more time you spend planning, the better your campfire tale session will turn out!

If you don’t need more time to plan, there are some alternatives. You can have your children create stories with their friends and family and act them out for everyone. This can be a great way to get everyone involved in the activity without spending hours preparing beforehand!

5.   Create an adventure list/bucket list

  • You might have heard about adventure lists, but if you need clarification on what they are or how to use them, let me help. An adventure list is a list of activities you’d like to do on your camping trip.
  • For example: Going white water rafting and eating at a fancy restaurant (two things I’ve done on past trips).
  • Once you have your list of adventures written down, look over it and see which ones seem like they’ll be most accessible for the group to accomplish (maybe it’s too cold for canoeing now). Then pick out one or two items on your list that will work well as “starters.” This can be anything from biking around the park to swimming in a nearby lake.
  • As always with bucket lists/adventure lists–make sure everyone agrees beforehand on what counts as “exciting” enough before adding it to the list! Once everyone feels comfortable doing these starter activities together, try something more challenging next time—like kayaking!

Take the extra step to make your camping trip more exciting.

We all know how important it is to have an exciting camping trip. Nothing is worse than going on a trip and having it be boring. It’s hard enough to get things done at home, so it can be very frustrating when you go out of town and still have to do the same things.

So if you want your camping trip to be more exciting, here are some tips for doing just that:

  • Take the extra step!
  • Plan ahead!
  • Use your imagination!

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If you’re going camping, the last thing you want to do is be bored. And if your friends are camping with you, they probably won’t want to either! But sometimes, it can feel like there need to be more hours in the day to make things interesting. We recommend taking one of these five steps: learn a new skill; try CBD gummies (if you’ve got an adventurous spirit); plan a campfire tale session; create an adventure list or bucket list; or take all five! These suggestions help keep boredom at bay and make for some incredible memories and fun times!