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The many dangers of driving and possible consequences

Many different vehicles, especially minivans, need Chapter 8 Chevrons. A large selection of websites can supply vehicle chevron kits. They are bright red and yellow and look like upward facing arrows and can be clearly seen by other vehicles and pedestrians from a distance. They are an essential part of health and safety in the UK. Another element which needs to be taken into consideration is when the drivers cross the sea through the Eurotunnel and start driving in mainland Europe. Drivers in other European countries drive on the other side of the road, which can be very disorientating for British drivers who have not driven there before. This means that these drivers could be in danger if they do not pay attention and adjust.

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Other dangers to driving are phones. Many people get distracted by their mobile phones, and sometimes even use them while in the drivers’ seat. This is illegal, irresponsible, and very dangerous as it could lead to a fatal accident. The dangerous of texting and driving are why it is illegal, and drivers could face fines if caught. Those caught using a hand-held phone while driving in the UK can face a £200 fine and get 6 penalty points. For those who have passed the driver’s test in the last 3 years prior to getting caught, their entire license will be revoked.

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