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The Best Baby Hampers This Christmas

Wondering just what to buy friends and family for Christmas is one of the most challenging things about the holidays for many. Gift hampers come in a wide variety of sizes and prices and have been a popular gift idea ever since the 11th century, although the Victorians are credited with making them a holiday staple. Today, it’s easy to find baby hampers online and customize the contents to suit your budget and the recipient’s needs. If you’re ordering your Christmas baby hamper online, look for a reputable company with positive customer reviews like Milly and Henry, reasonable shipping rates and a guarantee to deliver by Christmas. It’s also worth not leaving it until the last minute to order a baby hamper for Christmas, as you’ll end up paying higher shipping rates.

Best Baby Hampers This Christmas

Most people associate hampers with gourmet food items, although they don’t have to contain pricey food and drink. Baby hampers make a great gift for a new mother, although you can also give them at birthdays or Christmas or on any other occasion. Price is obviously an important factor when choosing the ideal hamper; you can easily pay several hundreds of dollars for a baby hamper, although it’s also possible to find well stocked and appealing hampers for around $30 to $40. However, the cost of the hamper isn’t the only consideration and if you’re looking for that perfect hamper to give someone at Christmas, some other factors should be considered too.

Unlike other gift hampers, food items aren’t an important part of the typical baby gift hamper. Most hampers contain clothing and those baby accessories that every parent need, such as a hat or cap, diaper rash cream, soap, shampoo or lotion, along with a bib, a pair of booties and teething toys. There are plenty of self-help books on the market aimed at those who are new to parenting, and a book is always appreciated. And most new mothers really appreciate having some ‘me time’ in between looking after the new arrival; a gift certificate for a restaurant, spa or babysitting services is an item that’s always well received.

Keep in mind that babies tend to grow quickly and will outgrow their outfits before you know it. Baby hampers with clothing in them should always contain clothing that’s a size too large; that way the baby will grow into them and get more usage out of your gift. Baby mittens and booties won’t last for longer than a few months unless you make a point of buying the next size up. It’s also worth considering whether the baby or the family has any allergies, and any allergic reactions or rashes can potentially be avoided by buying only baby clothing that is manufactured from breathable and organic material.

When it comes to giving baby hampers, the time of year is also something to be considered. As a general rule, you shouldn’t include baby clothing in your hamper which can’t be used immediately; if it’s being gifted to someone during the colder months, woolen mittens and a couple of sweaters can be included, although for a summer birth, you would want to focus more on warm weather clothing. And if you’re giving a baby hamper during the festive season, you’ll probably want it to reflect the season more and have some Christmassy colors and themes, instead of the pastel colors which are typically the norm in baby hampers.

If you know the sex of the baby, it obviously makes it easier to choose a gift hamper based on that, although most companies offer gender neutral hampers with the emphasis on items that a boy or girl would find useful. And it’s generally acceptable to ask the parents whether there is anything specific they would like in a baby hamper, or what they would find especially useful. Quality and appearance are important when it comes to baby hampers, and of course, you’ll probably pay more for higher quality or brand name clothing and toiletry items. Most gift hampers are well designed, and place almost as much importance on making the hamper, the packaging, and the contents visually appealing as on the actual contents. If you just don’t know what to give this Christmas, baby gift hampers really do make an affordable and useful gift.