Six tips for buying a washing machine

Despite the fact that a washing machine is a long-lasting appliance designed to enjoy its efficiency for years; choosing the right washing machine is a more than important factor both to avoid throwing money away and to save energy in an ecological and recommendable way.

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1) Type of load

Front loading washers are more popular in Spain mainly due to their usability. They can be filled more easily and achieve absolute efficiency. Top-loading ones are barely manufactured, don’t always fit well in the kitchen, and tend to use up more water. Depending on the work that you are going to give to your washing machine, you will be able to choose between the most suitable for you, which is, in short, the one that will be using it.

2) Capacity

This aspect seems the easiest to determine. It will depend directly on the number of people residing in your home. If you live alone or with your partner, a washing machine with a maximum of six kilos of load is more than enough. If you have two children you will have to opt for those weighing up to eight kilos and if you have a very large family you should bet on those weighing nine kilos.

Remember that capacity is directly proportional to spending on water and electricity. The more capacity, the less washes and more savings. It all depends, as always, on your needs and the dimensions of your kitchen or terrace.

3) Revolutions

You may never have taken this factor into account but it is more than important. A spin at full speed will dry your clothes more effectively which could save you more energy by having to use your dryer for less time. A powerful motor that exceeds six hundred revolutions is more than enough for the regular use of this appliance. If you want a washing machine with excellent features, you should bet on those that exceed 1,200 revolutions. Remember: the more revolutions the more energy expenditure.

4) Respect for the environment

Washing machines, like all household appliances, are classified into a series of energy categories of various kinds. In our country washing machines of the A range are sold, the A +++ being the one that saves the most energy and the most expensive. This feature means a higher cost of the product that will have a direct impact on your pocket. Think that you can respect the environment with an efficient washing machine but always betting on programs at thirty degrees, so your washing machine will not spend as much energy to heat the water, so you will be taking care of the environment easily.

5) Washing programs

It is important to take into account both the type of clothing you have at home and the way to wash it. Many washing machines have a long series of programs that we are not going to use, others have fewer programs, but surely we will all use them almost daily. How to choose? With having programs at thirty and sixty degrees of temperature, one for delicate garments and another for synthetics is more than enough.

6) Modern washing machines

Obviously, the passing of the years has perfected the internal design of these appliances. Nowadays it is easier to find almost silent washing machines, that can be controlled by WiFi, that prevent the opening of your door and that are blocked in a safe way. These additions could significantly increase the final bill, so it is already something that directly depends on what extra feature you need for your house in question.

We hope we have helped you a bit more in choosing a useful, practical, ecological and, above all, economical washing machine. As important an appliance will accompany you for many years, as we said before, so betting on an effective and durable product is a long-term investment that will be more than amortized if you decide to follow our advice. Of course, you are always the one who will decide what product you buy and how you want to complement the furniture in your kitchen or laundry room. Try tailoring your washing needs to your next washing machine instead of buying a deal that might well be more expensive than you might think. Choose always thinking about the factors that we have discussed and you are sure to be right when purchasing a new washing machine.