Should you choose a local conveyancer?

When looking for a conveyancer, is it best to choose a local one? The answer to this question may surprise you.

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Whilst you might think that you will be in and out of your conveyancer’s office throughout your property transaction, this is not the case – most if not all correspondence can be done by email or telephone. The major benefit is that without proximity being of concern, you now have a nation of conveyancers to choose from and can secure the best service for the best price.

Local v national

Before the arrival of the internet, having a local conveyancer was a necessity. There would be documents to drop off and to sign, and you would need to check on the progress and ask and answer questions. This was difficult to do in any way other than in person.

Local conveyancers were often chosen as they have knowledge of the area. Dealing with the same people for various aspects of the conveyancing process was considered beneficial; however, since the internet is being used much more, interaction with people is required much less. Conveyancing tasks are requested online and the results are delivered online without the need to speak to anyone.

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Thoughts about whether this reduced human interaction is good for society is a different discussion, but online conveyancing is good for the customer.

What should you look for in a conveyancer?

Your conveyancer, wherever they are based, should be suitably qualified. Every property transaction is different and your conveyancer should be able to handle sales and purchases that are not straightforward. Be sure to get a quote before instructing a conveyancer and be aware of any additional fees that may be charged.

Your conveyancer should be clear as to how they will inform you if any additional fees are to be charged so that you are not surprised to see them on your final bill. If you have opted for a conveyancer who is not local to you, ask about their online conveyancing procedures. Some may ask you to register with them and set up an account to which you can upload documents and track the progress of your transaction, while others might carry out the process via email and telephone.

With an increase in digital opportunities throughout business, conveyancing need not be left behind. Whilst shopping local can be encouraged in a lot of sectors, customer satisfaction is also a large factor to be considered. If a non-local conveyancer provides the services you need and at a better price than a local conveyancer, you must make the choice that is best for you.

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