Which Businesses Need Refrigeration?

The invention of artificial refrigeration technology has changed the world. It has made a huge difference to the way that food is stored, kept and even consumed.

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This is not just true in the home. Businesses adopted artificial refrigeration before homes did, as a rule, and were arguably transformed even more drastically. Today, fridges and freezers are integral to the way that a huge range of businesses work, playing a valuable role in places both obvious and unexpected.

Food Businesses

Starting with the obvious, businesses involved in any way with food are likely to rely heavily on commercial refrigeration. This includes not only specialist catering and dining companies such as restaurants and pubs, but also retailers who sell chilled or frozen food and drinks, displayed in specialist refrigerators and freezers designed to act as cooled retail display units rather than simply cold storage. This is also true of businesses involved in food distribution, who often make use of mobile refrigeration to keep food fresh while in transit, and even those dealing in food production who need to make sure that their items stay fresh until they move on to the next step in the chain of supply. This whole area of businesses has been utterly transformed by the appearance of artificial refrigeration, which has made it possible to produce, distribute and store goods in greater quantities, over longer distances and for longer periods of time without compromising freshness and quality.


Offices also make use of refrigeration, and while they are hardly reliant upon it their staff would probably miss it a great deal if it were to disappear. Quite simply, it has become near essential for offices to provide their staff with access to a refrigerator in the staff room for chilling or storing their lunch and any snacks they might have brought to work with them. For this purpose, a domestic refrigerator may serve, though there are commercial models that are better-suited and will offer a longer lifespan as can be seen from looking at a retailer website such as that of Fridge Freezer Direct Ltd who offer a very wide range of different models. This isn’t the only way refrigeration has transformed offices, however, and during the warmer months many staff would argue it isn’t even the most important. Air conditioning technology is an offshoot of artificial refrigeration built on the same principles, and in the height of summer it is often hard to imagine how office workers ever coped without it.

Science and Engineering

The ways in which refrigeration has proved important for businesses and organisations involved in science, engineering and technology are too numerous to list in one place. It’s not just food that is prone to spoiling and keeps better in low temperatures. Chemicals and even organic materials can be stored more effectively by chilling or freezing for scientific and even medical purposes. Furthermore, artificial refrigeration has made it far easier and more practical for scientists and engineers to test how materials perform in low temperatures, and to see what effect cooling has on things like chemical reactions or electronic processes.