How to Get Business Shipping Discounts for Your Ecommerce Store

Meta: We reveal several simple tips on how you can easily get business shipping discounts for your online store.

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Running an ecommerce store can be a full time business job. Naturally, you should also want to explore what you can do with various discounts and options to save money where and when you can, while not cutting down on quality of course.

So what is the one area that you can afford to reduce cost while not compromising on quality? It’s found with getting the best business shipping discounts. Doing so, of course, is typically far easier said than done.

Lucky for you, you came across this article. We’ll show you some easy tips on how you can get the best business shipping discounts each and every time. And these are not some random tricks that no longer work. In fact, we’ll give you the secret sauce at the end of this article that could help you reduce shipping cost by 20% or more.

Look Into Contract Volume Business Shipping Discounts with Carriers

If your business is doing a lot of volume, then you really need to take a look at the business shipping discounts that are offered by UPS, FedEx and the USPS. Each carrier has a special tier of pricing that you may qualify for if you meet their requirements.

The tragic reality is, however, that most businesses do not ship enough to qualify for the small business shipping discounts that are offered by the major carriers. If your business does not, but you’d still like to save some money, keep reading for more tips.

Consider Using a Service Like Stamps or Endicia

There are two popular providers that you can use to save on USPS shipping, which is a great option for ecommerce with their expedited Priority Mail and Express Mail services. and Endicia both let you ship with savings that are offered via the Commercial Base pricing plan.

This plan can help you save 10-30% on the cost of shipping. You do pay a small monthly fee to use either service. However, this fee pales in comparison to the business shipping discounts that you receive. And you can print and process shipping labels directly from your office computer.

Bypass Volume Contracts with Flat Rate Select

Another service that you can consider is Flat Rate Select – TrueShip’s business shipping discount program. This program lets you use a special shipping software and apply what are called the Commercial Plus pricing discounts to all Priority Mail orders up to 20-pounds. There is no silly 5-pound limit and you can even use your own boxes.

They contract via a company called Express 1, which has a Commercial Plus contract. Basically, they take care of the volume shipper mandates so that you can enjoy low cost shipping. It saves you even more money than Commercial Base, and there are no contracts to sign.

Now that you know your business shipping discount options, it’s really your call. With three popular choices that you can use to save, all that is required now is for you to make that next move and start saving money today while offering your customers fast, expedited delivery.