The Black Nore Lighthouse, Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve, Sugar Loaf Beach and Open-Air Swimming Pool, are all located in the small town of Portishead

With a fairly small population of just over 25,000 the town of Portishead has an awful lot to offer its local inhabitants. The Black Nore Lighthouse, Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve, Sugar Loaf Beach and an open-air swimming pool are all located in the vicinity.  The families who live in this quiet, environmentally friendly town are passionate about doing everything they can to positively impact Global Warming and slow down Climate Change. Local, professional companies such as who are specialist providers of Solar Panel Installation Portishead are helping the Town’s Folk to go Green.  Installing state-of-the-art Solar Panels onto the roofs of as many homes as possible, their highly skilled friendly Teams are providing them with sustainable energy.

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Helping to prevent a potential Global Catastrophe, the Towns people are investing in Solar Panels for their homes. Harnessing the free power of the Sun’s Rays to provide electricity, the experienced Teams of Solar Panel experts are installing the ultimate number of Panels for each of the family’s homes.

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Directly opposite Cardiff and Newport that are across the River Severn in Wales, Newport is located on the Severn estuary.  With a long history as a fishing port, Portishead now has a stunning new Harbourside quarter that encompasses a swanky Marina and modern residential homes complete with Solar Panels.