Places in Your Business Where you Should Place your Security Cameras

When you have a business premises, you need to protect both the property itself and of course the things that are in it. This could be confidential data, expensive equipment and machinery and money for example.

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Having good security is important for your business and it also means that you will get better insurance cover.

Cameras are an integral part of a security system – you can get them installed by a professional like this CCTV Swindon based company

Where you position the cameras also matters – here are the three main places to place security cameras in your workplace…

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Storage Areas – Places that might attract thieves are areas where you store things – this could be an archive room with confidential files or an area of vehicle storage. If the area is restricted, it can show you if someone is gaining unauthorised access to the area too.

Entrances and Exits – Keeping an eye on all the entrances and exits of the premises is essential – when the cameras are visible it makes people aware that they are being watched and can then act as a useful deterrent. Having cameras on a car park entry and exit also allows you to capture number plates of vehicles.

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Reception – This is where visitors will report when they arrive. It is often also the place where someone may try to trespass onto the premises, especially if your reception area faces out onto a busy street where they may be able to attempt to enter unnoticed.