How to Overcome a Fear of Heights

The fear of heights, or acrophobia, is one of the most common fears and is thought to affect around 5% of the population. Although it’s natural to feel uneasy or a little nervous when high up, some people’s phobias can be debilitating and cause them to miss out on exciting life experiences.

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It’s a difficult phobia to overcome, but it is possible. It just takes a lot of self-belief, practice and commitment. It’s also important to understand that your fear is irrational and that there are a number of safe and practical ways to overcome it.

Overcoming a fear of heights is all about breaking down the barriers that hold you back. Start with small goals and work your way up to the bigger challenges. You could try a ropes course and start at the lowest levels, for example. This is an exhilarating activity that isn’t too high up and just requires climbing over small obstacles – then move onto higher courses when you’re ready, where you’ll be safely strapped in and have a qualified instructor on hand. For information on a High Ropes Course, go to 270 Climbing, who specialise in a High Ropes Course adventure.

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Another key tool to conquering your fear is learning how to calm yourself in a stressful situation. Practising simple breathing techniques (such as meditation or yoga) can help you relax and manage your feelings of anxiety. This is especially helpful for when you’re in a height-inducing situation, as it helps prevent you from getting overwhelmed by your thoughts and feelings.