Tablecloths, t-shirts, sheets, bags … painting on canvas opens up a world of possibilities to personalize your home. We tell you what steps you should follow to paint on fabric and some ideas to get you started.

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Decorate fabric with the pattern you prefer and in the tones you need, and then make a cushion or a curtain. Or, personalize a textile bag, a T-shirt, kitchen towels … The possibilities are endless. We show you step by step how to paint on fabric.


– Fabric – Fabric


– Brushes, shoulders, or sponge

– Absorbent paper, newspaper, or cardboard

– Iron

Before you start, you should know that the idea is to work on a washed fabric without a softener.

There are different brands of textile paints. Some require ironing when the job is finished (always on the wrong side of the fabric), others do not need any heat setting once dry and most are wash resistant. It usually appears in the manufacturer’s specifications. There are also paintings that specify for which type of fabric they are indicated (cotton, silk, most fabrics …)

Some brands that you can buy online: Decoart SoSoft (works like a dye, penetrating the fabric and preventing it from cracking with washing), Setacolor by Pebeo (water-based paints for fabric), Lumiere by Jacquard acrylic paint, Decoart Dazzling Metallics or Fabric Painting Medium by Decoart.

Some of these brands also make it possible to achieve transparency effects when mixed with specific products.

A trick: if the brush glides with difficulty on the canvas when you start painting, spray a little water on the surface of the canvas.

Use brushes, sponges, or shoulders depending on the effect you want to achieve and your skill with the technique.


1. Stretch the fabricPAINT ON FABRIC

if necessary iron it and let it cool. The fabric should be as smooth as possible, without wrinkles. Place absorbent paper, newspaper, or cardboard under the fabric that you are going to decorate. It is important that if it is a double fabric, such as a T-shirt, a cushion cover, or a bag, you take special care so that the paint does not penetrate the opposite side.

2. Choose your design and transfer it to the fabricPAINT ON FABRIC

You can use a special yellow tracing paper, a stencil, or paint directly as if it were a canvas.

3. Paint and decoratePAINT ON FABRIC

When dry (according to manufacturer’s instructions), iron inside out at a high temperature, the highest temperature that will support the fabric. After 48 hours you can wash the fabric in cold water.

You can finish off your work with fabric markers or use them to add text. Some models: Setaskrib (from Pebeo ), Posca (from Mitsubishi ), Fabrico Markers (from Tsukineko ), or Giotto.

Or use stamp ink. In this sense, you can use stamps to decorate your fabric or create your own stamps (with the carving technique).

Think of everyday objects around you. Maybe they can be used to stamp! A lace, a rope … What do you think of this idea to fill your drawing with dots?

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