Why we use Oaks in construction so much.

The mighty oak tree has severed this country in some many ways, it really has been a loyal servant. It has been used in regular and maritime construction. It has, and still does, make the frames of homes extensions and support others. It was a solid pit prop to protect our gallant miners. It was the backbone of our great Napoleonic Wars naval building such great ships like HMS Victory at the battle of Trafalgar. What makes this incredible wood so strong and so precious? If you still want to see some examples of the Oak being used today take a look at this Oak Truss piece of work.

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At one time there was a great fear that we were running out of wood. So much had been felled to build housing and ships that it was felt that we would be at a huge disadvantage in any upcoming wars with the continent. They all had access to the great Black Forest in Germany or the Forêt domaniale d’Orléans and Forêt domaniale de Chaux in France. A radical tree planting programme was initiated ( the Hampshire New Forest being an example) but it also explains why so many of our ancient forests no longer exist, save for Savernake in Wiltshire.

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Though it grows slowly the Oak makes the best construction wood due to its strength and density. A full grown Oak is also able to produce a huge amount of useful wood yield when it is felled meaning that you do not have to use so many of them.