Where does victoria sponge come from

Now who doesn’t love a bit of cake?  Whether you are a chocolate sponge lover or you prefer something a bit more classic like a victoria sponge there are cakes galore that you can choose from. Since the early days of cake creation there have been lots of new recipes created, new ingredients add to the mixes and traditional flvaourings like the Vanilla Extract that you can buy from www.foodieflavours.com/shop/flavours/natural-flavouring/gorilla-organic-vanilla-extract/ being used in new and innovative ways.

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One cake that has been around for an incredibly long time and actually had its origins in Spain, is the Victoria Sponge. This style of cake is made using flour, eggs, butter and sugar and has a filling of jam and in some cases a cream or buttercream.This kind of cake came from Spain and tended to be thinner cakes as there was no raising agent in the mixture.

After 1843 when baking powder was invented, it was added to the other ingredients mentioned above and then created a larger, more risen cake, that resembles what we know a victoria sponge cake to look like today. This type of cake is still seen to be one of the classics, so much so that organisations like the Women’s Institute still regularly have competitions to see who can bake the best one.

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Although the recipe remains a traditional one there are many alternatives that have been used as filings, such as changing the flavours of the jam and also adding fruit along with the jam and cream mixture. Some sponges also have icing added as a decoration to the cake.