Where do chainsaws come from?

One of the most useful tools to ever be invented in the care and management of trees has to be that of the Chainsaw. If it were not for this invention the work of a Tree Surgeon Bournemouth way like Kieran Boyland would be considerably different and considerably much harder. Much of the work of the tree surgeon involves work at great height and the last thing that the Tree surgeon needs is to waste precious time having to chop through rogue and diseased branches by hand.

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The rather interesting fact about the origin of the chainsaw is that it was not developed for use on a tree in the first place. It was actually developed by a German surgeon. Amputation was one of the worst medical procedures that had to be done. There was in many cases very little choice in lots of cases. Surgeons were prized at their skill to remove limbs as quickly as possible. However surgical saws still struggled to get through bone.

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The first was developed by two Scottish doctors Aitken and Jeffrary but this was purely for surgery. The German orthopaedist Bernhard Heine developed the idea and produced something that was more powerful than the original and looked more like the chainsaw we know today. It was Samuel Bens Jnr in 1905 who patented the modern chainsaw that we know today. He was able to add a gasoline engine that moved the blades quickier.