What is Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the many diseases that falls under the umbrella term of dementia. It is progressive disease of the brain function and it can affect areas of the brain that are responsible for memory, thinking and mental activities.

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Over time the condition will worsen and although not everyone will experience the same symptoms there are some common ones that people may experience. It is important that people with any kind of dementia including Alzheimer’s are given the support that they need,in order for them to be as independent as possible for as long as they can.This might include the need for additional care support at home and the use of Mobility Aids like the ones that can be found at https://www.abilitysuperstore.com/.

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This form of dementia (as like many others) is not an inevitable part of the ageing process which means that not every elderly person will experience it and there are some younger individuals who are diagnosed with the disease. There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s and the exact cause is still not fully known. Medications are available to help treat some of the symptoms that can occur with the condition and other treatments such as cognitive stimulation therapy which can also help.

The symptoms of dementia can be slow to notice at first and the progression of the disease can take on many different timescales. This is one of the reasons why dementia charities ask that people try to focus on the individual and help them find ways that they can live well and independently for as long as it is safe for them to do so.