What is a combi boiler

Combi boilers have been a popular choice for homeowners over the last few years as they provide hot water instantly so there is no need to have a water storage cylinder in your home. This makes them a great option for homes where storage space might be an issue and they can often be more economical to run. A good Boiler Servicing Belfast company like belfast-gas.com/boiler-repair-belfast/ can help with any issues that occur with your system.

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The combi boiler is essentially a central heating boiler and a water heater all in one. The thermostat that is located in your home sends signals to the unit to let it know when the temperature has dropped below a certain temperature. The boiler then fires up and puts heat into the heating system. When the temperature that you have set our thermostat at has been reached the boiler will slow down the heat distribution throughout the system and will moderate the heat around the level you have chosen. This means that your system works effectively and efficiently to keep your home at the optimum temperature that you like.

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In relation to the hot water function. When the hot tap is turned on a valve within the boiler that changes the heat distribution from the central heating system to the hot water supply. Once the hot water tap is turned off the valve resets to the central heating system. This is how hot water is supplied instantly to the home. This is much more effective than waiting for a cylinder of water to be heated up before you can have a bath.