What Causes Female Hair Loss?

Well, there are many reasons why it happens, but the most common reason is a genetic predisposition, as many women of all races have a genetic link to female baldness. This means that if one of your parents or grandparents had thinning hair, you will also probably experience thinning hair as well.

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If your mother, father, sisters or brothers had a genetic problem with their hair, they have a higher risk of going bald. Hair loss in men usually begins when the testosterone levels go down and this can be inherited. This means that you either inherit it from your father or your mother and the odds of you losing your hair is high. However, in women it is more likely to be passed down through the female side of the family. Most women lose their hair because they have a hormone imbalance, and they must use oestrogen to combat the situation. Hair loss can be caused by dropping levels of oestrogen, but also caused by diet and some medical conditions. For anyone worried about hair loss, a visit to a GP is advised.

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Although there is a natural way to combat female baldness, sometimes the best solution is to take the advice of an expert in this field. There are methods to improve hair loss problems, both natural and medical and you should research all options available before making a decision.