What Are Leprechauns?

A leprechaun is an extremely tiny, diminutive magical being in Irish mythology, generally classified as an evil fairy type. They are most commonly depicted as bearded men, with a large hat and coat, who participate in mischief with foodstuffs and drink. Some accounts have described them as being similar to the devil or witches, however, more recent depictions describe the imaginary characters in a more playful, friendly and helpful manner. They form an important part of the folklore and legend of this ancient land.

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Whether you believe in them or not, they are a fascinating part of Irish folklore and one of the most instantly recognisable symbols of Ireland across the world. Other famous symbols include things like Guinness, shamrocks, the colour green for the ‘Emerald Isle’ and Aran Sweaters. Get your genuine Aran sweater from a site like Shamrock Gift Website.

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In addition, the leprechaun is said to have other attributes as well.  In Ireland, they are often seen carrying large bags of rice with them, which was the main source of sustenance for their tribe. They were also known to carry a bag of beans that was kept in a pouch on the shoulder. It is believed that the bag of beans is their only means of transportation. Leprechauns are also sometimes seen carrying bundles of herbs which they carry to sprinkle on the path of the devil and other evil spirits in order to protect the community from their influence.