Ways to work in the care industry

There are many ways that some can enter into the world of the care industry. Like it or not, we will need looking after in our old age. Given that we are becoming an ageing population with an increasingly older state retirement age,  the demands on an already stretched service is going to need to be filled. Care work is not something that a “bot” can do. It requires good people management, patience and humour, all in equal measure. So what ways are there to get into this profession?

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One way is to contact Take Five Healthcare Gloucester. They can show you Gloucester Support Worker Jobs and what they could entail. The first port of call is to study the subject at College. However, whilst this may well give you the classroom knowledge, it will not show you the practical experience you will need. There is an argument to say that you should get more life experience first.

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You may want to look at volunteering in the sector first with that in mind. It’s a good way for you to assess if you wish to work in the industry and see firsthand what it entails. That way, you can look at the academic side simultaneously. If you are fortunate, you may be able to get an apprenticeship. In this way, you’ll be paid a nominal wage, but you will get to work with adequately qualified professionals and learn on the job. It also means that the whole student loan issue is bypassed.