Things to consider when thinking about domestic CCTV

People are often looking for ways in which they can make their homes feel more secure and to help prevent burglaries and other thefts. Burglar alarm systems are becoming more common and so is the use of CCTV in a domestic setting. There are a number of ways that this can be installed and used at home and a CCTV Manchester company like can help you with this. There are a number of things that you need to think about before having this installed.

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  • Think about why you want CCTV and whether there are other methods you could use such as improving the lighting to darker parts of your property. You should think about what areas of your home you want the CCTV to record footage of, such as gates into gardens, doors and windows. Then you should think about whether you need these locations to be monitored all the time and whether you also need to be recording any audio along with the images.

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  • It is important that you think about the privacy of others when using CCTV. This means looking at whether your camera is going to be pointed in an area that would cover your neighbours gardens and property and whether you would need to change the angle of the camera to avoid this.
  • In order to avoid complaints about privacy you should have a notice up somewhere on or near your property that lets people know that you use CCTV and that their images are being recorded.