The Steps to Hiring a Google AdWords Management Consultant

Businesses with growth aspirations in the modern age need to deploy a range of online and offline marketing activities. The best results are achieved with a mix of activities to tap into how different people look for the products and services they need.

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This is essential to stand out from the crowd, and create new demand for products and services. Activities should form a combination of lead generation and brand awareness.

When it comes to search engine advertising, Google is the place to start. The world’s most commonly used search engine is where most people go to find things. Owing to the power of Google’s search, most users do not even need to leave the first page or even scroll past the first few results to find what they need.

With this in mind, the decision you need to make is whether it is wise to either not run Google AdWords campaigns at all, or to try to do them yourself.

DIY, or hire a pro?

Many business owners or marketing professionals fall into the trap of trying to carry out Google AdWords campaign management themselves. If the results are not good, they convince themselves that Google Ads don’t work. This is very often a mistake.

The reality of running consistently successful AdWords campaigns is that they take time and specialized skills to execute. This is difficult to achieve for marketing professionals juggling events, tradeshows, website updates, email campaigns and scheduling social media posts. On top of this, perhaps they are also trying to write articles, whitepapers, and other content.

Business owners are often in the same position. When key customers need to be kept happy, finances need to be managed and the business needs to be kept running smoothly, managing AdWords campaigns is unlikely to ever rise to the top of the list.

For these reasons, hiring an AdWords management professional is highly advised.

Making your investment

As well as saving the time and training required to running your own AdWords campaigns, the results you will reap from experts that provide Google AdWords management services will be vastly superior.

With a specialist working on your account, you are much more likely to get click conversions from optimal quality buyers. On the occasion you don’t, your AdWords consultant will tweak things so that they are optimized. Not only does this ensure you save money on bad clicks, but it also ensures your ads are optimized to your target buyers’ exact keywords.

Finding the best person for the job

Finding the right AdWords management company may seem like an easy job with all the options available. There is certainly no shortage of options, as even a quick Google search will show you.

However, it is worth spending a little time to get things right and make the perfect decision for your business. In the same way you would not rush into a new hire, it is best to apply a little rigor to recruiting an external agency.

Look to recruit someone with the right skills – that is a given. But the harder part is to find someone you think you can work productively with on a long-term basis. The more your Google AdWords consultant gets embedded in your overall business, the better.

Getting started

The first step is to decide what budget you want to spend on AdWords. Share this information with your chosen agency, and work together to plan a budget for the next six months. This will allow the agency to plan your lead volumes well in advance, and ensure a good flow of clicks.

Onboarding the agency will entail telling them about your business and what you are looking to achieve with your campaign. Try to focus on one or two of your products or services at first with your campaigns. This will allow you to focus on optimizing those ads and landing pages before moving on to other areas of your business.

To get your Ads campaign off to a fast start, consider offering a discount, free demonstration, or a trial. You could also consider seasonal offers such as back to school or end of public sector year end depending on what your business sells. Your agency will also have some input as to what will work best for getting your AdWords campaigns off the ground.