The need for facts about Gas.

One of the most important fuels that come into our home is that of Natural Gas. Gas powers so much of our domestic needs. It provides us with fuel for cooking via the oven and the hob. It also heats our home by warming the water for radiators and for showers and baths. This is why it is very important to make sure that the service is flowing perfectly. This is why you need a Boiler Service Gloucester based company to make sure all is well with the system. What do we know about Gas?

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  1. Gas is not heavier than air, it is lighter.
  2. If you coller it down enough, and it has to be very cold it turns into a liquid. It does make it alot easier to store.
  3. Gas is a fossil fuel. What this means is that the source of it comes from 100 million years ago. It is the result of rotted vegetation and dinosaur remains.
  4. As it is flammable if it is uncontrolled it can be extremely explosive. However, natural gas is scentless so there is no way that you would know if there was a leak or not. As a result gas companies add a scent so that you can know that there is a leak. Do not create a spark or naked flame.

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  1. The Chinese were the first to start to use gas in a productive manner. Using bamboo shoots as piping they were able to channel natural gas from areas where it occurred to their villages. In this way they were able to boil seawater. This meant they could drink the water and use the salt to flavour food.