The changing of the British Seasons.

There was once a time when you could physically see the changing of the season in Britain. You still can, but as global warming begins to take effect the prospect is that we shall get shorter, dry and hotter summers with longer, wetter and milder winters. The belief that snow will come or that it will get very cold in winter time is becoming less and less likely. Even so it will still get a bit of a nip in the air and knowing of a decent Boiler Repair Cheltenham based company like is very helpful.

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Perhaps there is a degree of nostalgia here. It is customary to think of the winter snow’s coming, the warmth of spring, the not too intense heat of summer leading to Autumns mellow fruitfulness. In reality due to our temperature climate it makes these strong seasonal changes harder to occur. The Gulf stream form Mexico flows around Britain and it keeps away the worst excess of winter. However there is evidence to suggest that the melting of the ice capes has changed it’s flow so that it can reach us sooner in the year and remain in place even longer.

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This explains why snowdrops come out earlier than ever before or that fact that apart from the high places in Yorkshire and Scotland that we rarely see consistent snow. Perhaps that is not such a bad thing for those that love the heat but it can mean that respiratory diseases like Flu and the Common Cold are not frozen out.