Summer foot care: five keys to taking care of athletes’ feet

The feet are those that support our weight throughout the day and, when we are athletes, one of the parts of the body that carry the most effort. And yet, we don’t always give them all the attention they deserve. Especially during the summer, when the heat, humidity, and friction can do special damage. Therefore, there are some keys to take care of them that we can take into account.

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Better a breathable shoeSummer foot care

The footwear we choose for sports is always important, but even more so in summer. Microorganisms like humidity and heat and exercising during the summer these conditions are more than met. Therefore, it is especially important to choose breathable footwear, which should breathe our feet and reduce the accumulation of moisture.

Let’s take care of the way to put the socksSummer foot care

Chafing is our daily bread when we do sports, especially in summer. Humidity can worsen the situation. Therefore, looking closely at how we put our socks on is more important than it seems. Avoid seams, try not to wrinkle or fold, avoid blisters and injuries.

Protect them from the sunSummer foot care

The skin of our feet can also be affected by the sun and not forgetting to protect them is very important. Whether we do a sport in which the insteps are exposed, or we are just relaxing, using a high-spectrum sunscreen in that area is important.

Take special care of foot hygiene

Body hygiene is basic at any time, but during the summer paying special attention to the feet can free us from the dreaded fungi. Moisture accumulates especially on the feet – especially if we do sports and sweat – and it is a breeding ground for mushrooms. Cleaning our feet well and drying properly is very important.

Nothing to take off our shoes neither in swimming pools nor in gyms

And, of course, it does not matter if we go to the gym or do sports in the pool: it is important to always wear flip-flops and not walk around the pool or the showers barefoot.