Some films for the Petrolheads

If you are a fan of racing car films then here are a few that you might love. The 1970s and ‘80s saw a slew of such films involving illegal road races across America. There are also some modern equivalents, namely The Fast and the Furious franchise, so if you are a lover of high performance cars with very fancy alloy wheels like those that you can get at  Apex wheels, then these films are definitely for you.

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Gumball Rally –  comes from 1976.  It is a typical comedy drama which features a huge amount of high performance cars. It features an illegal road race across America and all that you win in the end is a gumball machine.

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The Cannonball Run movies 1981 – Extremely similar to the Gumball Rally where again we have an enabled road race across North America occuring.  However this time there are many big stars in the film including Burt Reynolds and Jackie Chan and also the James Bond at the time, Roger Moore.  What is surprising about this series of 4 is that they need two of them.  The second one features Frank Sinatra racing in a Ferrari. Perhaps he needed to get the Alloy Repair Cheltenham based firm above to look at it.

Senna – This is an excellent documentary about the racing life of Ayrton Senna.  the most successful Brazilian driver with 3 world championships.  This also documents he’s sad end in 1992 at San Marino’s Imola  circuit

Rush –  A not  particularly historically accurate portrayal of the friendship between Niki Lauda and James Hunt as they battled for the 1976 World Championship. It shows the dangers of motor racing at the time.