Keeping your home warm during the winter cold spell

Many people look forward to the end of summer with the chance of snowy days and the joy of Christmas, but many welcome winter with a reluctant sigh. During this time, heating bills rocket; surprisingly, 70% of household bills are the product of heating your home. Here are some variables that cause the temperature to turn up, and some helpful tips for reducing them.

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Having set the heater too high

Confusion about the optimal temperature leads many individuals to turn their heat up too high. You can save money by keeping your thermostat at 18 °; you can adjust it to more acceptable temperatures by knowing your heating system. A great source of helpful advice is the Energy Saving Trust.

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External walls are better insulated than windows, but they still let out heat. Covering the walls is an easy way of reducing these risks. An additional layer of separation can be introduced by mirrors, photographs and even posters.

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For many homes, double glazing is a requirement, providing a permanent solution to reducing heating prices; it also prevents condensation. If you do not have Double glazing yet you should contact Double Glazing Tewkesbury based specialists Firmfix now.

Doors and windows must eventually allow draughts to enter. You will prevent the cold from getting in by using a door curtain. Put around your windows self-adhesive seals, which is relatively easy to do. In addition, draught excluders are a functional alternative. You can also make your own if you are feeling adventurous.