Items to include in a staff handbook

Staff handbooks are designed to be a one-stop shop for employees to find out all the information that is relevant to the job role and to the organisation that they are working for. They are sources of information that can include uniform requirements, staff benefits, sickness and absence regulations, and ways in which employees can make complaints against other members of staff.

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It is important that all employees are aware of what their rights are with regards to making complaints and even whistleblowing on colleagues and management. This can help employees to feel that they are listened to and have the opportunity to voice their concerns should they have any. This is one way in which a company can help to protect themselves against a Constructive Dismissal Claim that can result from an employee feeling they have no alternative but to leave their job role as a result of the way they have been treated. These employees can work with organisations such as if they have a legitimate reason to feel they have been treated poorly at work.

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They should be given out to all new starters as a part of their induction to the organisation and the line manager who is responsible for carrying out the induction for this member of staff should also point out any policies and procedures that are relevant. This may include health and safety policies and fire evacuation policies as well as equality and diversity and performance related pay reviews.

Asking employees to sign relevant pages of a handbook to say they have received policies and procedures and read and understood them can also help a business should an employment lawsuit be filed against them in the future.