How to Edit Visual Content: Video Editing Tips and Tricks

Nowadays, visual content is exploding on the internet. Visuals are essential in creating content, as they can communicate influential messages effectively without text.

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In the digital era, text-based contents are always a vital part of marketing, but visual contents play a massive role in all of your efforts to stand out. Typical forms of visual content include online videos, infographics, slide decks, pictures, diagrams, and charts. And among these, online videos are the most effective.

Videos find multipurpose usage on the website and social media by both big brands and small business owners, as they are appealing, attract target audience and form a captivating communication channel. But creating a compelling video requires dedicated efforts.

There are two steps involved in creating attractive video content. The first is shooting, which can be done manually or using web-based tools like Free Video Maker. The second step is editing, which is tricky and needs some skill.

This article will discuss the second part, i.e., the video editing part. So, if you are willing to edit your visual content like a professional, here are some quick tips and tricks that can be helpful.

Best Video Editing Tips and Tricks

  • Making A Plan

The foundation of any successful video editing project holds a perfect plan. It is essential to plan before starting to edit a video as it helps to progress and accomplish your goals quickly.

For a video editor, it is easier to navigate and progress through the editing process if the sources are known and understand what should be the final product.

Start with creating a script and make notes about each fragment. Select a reliable video editing software and carefully think about your target audience.

So, planning your project in advance will make it easier for you in the final editing stages.

  • Keeping The Process Organised

It will be a good plan if you make notes of the original video’s fragments. This will keep your editing process well organised. Stitching an unarranged bundle of little clips that are randomly named and labelled can be a tiring job.

Creating separate folders for images, clips, sound, and music can be a good solution as it will help you quickly find what you need for that instance.

So, maintaining an exemplary structure of the vital video elements will effectively help you progress smoothly.

  • Choosing The Right Tool

Choosing the right tool to edit your videos like professionals is essential. And to make such a selection might be a challenging task, especially for beginners.

Many factors might affect your choice: your computer specifications, specific tool features, budget, level of expertise, and many more.

Invest time in reading expert articles and reviews on different video editing tools such as Free Video Maker to choose which one is perfect for you. As a result, it will help you save time in the later stages of your video editing process.

  • Learn Working With Colours

Understanding colour correction is crucial while you edit videos because colours are an essential element of your videos, and it creates a specific impact on the viewers.

Choosing the right colour and fixing the colour balance in your videos evoke the desired emotion and set the mood for the viewer to keenly watch your video till the end. Thus, it becomes essential to learn to work with colours, i.e., understanding the colour coding, its use, meaning, and application of colour grading.

Also, remember to avoid playing with skin tones as it may negatively impact the viewers.

  • Including Both Text and Graphics

Although text contents are less powerful in today’s media platform, still you can’t completely ignore them. Including texts or graphics in videos will entirely depend on the type of video you are producing.

Adding subtitles and additional text in your videos will make viewers easier to grasp, especially for viewers who can’t use the sound while watching it, i.e., when they are watching it on their social network news feeds.

Also, judicious graphics in videos can make them appealing to your target audience.

So keeping a perfect balance of both text and graphics in videos will give a pleasing experience to anyone watching it. Also, be careful that you don’t overload with text on the viewer’s screen and avoid excessive use of graphics.

  • Keeping Your Videos Short & Simple

In the world of excessive visual content, people are less inclined to sit and watch videos longer than 2 or 3 minutes as they are not patient enough if the content is not influential.

Create contents that deliver extremely informative messages in less than a minute. That means you need to wisely filter your original shot and edit it perfectly to keep it short so that it looks catchy and surely attracts the viewer’s attention.

  • Add Music

Focusing solely on good visuals cannot create the desired impact on the viewers. Adding music to videos is equally crucial while creating visually appealing content.

Using good, relatable, and appropriate background music in videos is essential as it makes a stunning impression on the viewers. Try recording the sound with a separate recording system having a better microphone. A second audio source other than a camera makes a big difference.

Also, there are video tutorials on YouTube for novice video editors to pick the right music based on the video type.

  • Using B-Rolls

To make your video more professional, try using B-rolls. These are additional footage used by video editors to support the original shot. This adds context to the video and makes it look polished.

B-rolls also help to emphasise different video segments, visualise or explain the clip, and make it pleasing to the eye.

  • Watch editing tutorials

Learning video editing from expert and professional video editors might make it easy for you while you step ahead to edit your videos.

There are numerous video tutorials available on YouTube and many other platforms. You can watch and learn from those tutorials and start working on yours.

  • Learn the shortcuts

Learning the basics of video editing, including various shortcuts, will effectively help you in your editing process. Using shortcuts while editing videos will reduce the time and minimise your efforts.

Practice the shortcuts and apply them to have an excellent & smooth workflow throughout your editing process.


So, the points mentioned above are some of the best tips and tricks of video editing. These top tips are the basic criteria that will help you start your editing journey perfectly. Master these crucial points when you begin editing your next video to create compelling and engaging content and make your video stand out.