How to Breed Canaries at Home

Birds are one of the animal species that are usually kept as pets in the home, mainly some such as parrots, parakeets or canaries. It is very important in any case to know what care to give, since being in a cage they require special care to be well. Do you want to know how to breed canaries at home correctly? Keep reading and we will explain how to do it.

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Canaries are small yellow birds, very striking to look at, and the truth is that they are seen less and less. Raising canaries is possible if you make an effort, a difficult challenge but one that you can undoubtedly achieve and get her to have several offspring. As data, canaries can be used for reproduction for 2-3 years, although some can do so for about 10 years.

How to breed canaries?

How to breed canaries

  • Whether they are male or female, canaries during breeding season have to be placed in a breeding cage. This season usually begins in March, when the male begins to court the female, who in turn begins to build a nest.
  • You should know that the female lays about 4-5 eggs, and when they have been incubating 13-14 days, the new young begin to hatch. The female during this time is sitting in the nest.
  • From that moment is when you have to provide food for the females, in addition to the normal seeds for all the young. Mix the nesting food with hard-boiled eggs, grated carrots, and wheat-soaked bread.
  • The eggs that are to be eaten have to boil for 12 to 14 minutes to ensure that any bacteria or diseases they contain are not transmitted to the canaries. Prepare this mixture with an egg every day.
  • The canaries are very good at raising their chicks, which they feed for about four weeks after they hatch.
  • The young usually leave the nest after 21 days, at which point they begin to move around the cage. It is recommended that when they begin to have this independence, they are separated from their parents.

Choice of partner

You should start choosing the pair of canaries a month before the breeding season. To choose them, keep in mind the following tips:

  1. It is not advisable to cross canaries of different colors.
  2. Nor should you mix singing canaries with colored canaries.
  3. If you are wondering at what age canaries can start to breed, the most advisable thing is that they have reached one year of age and can continue to breed until four or five years old.

That is, you must choose a pair of canaries that are as similar as possible to each other so that their young are born with the best of their parents. Prepare your canaries a few months before the breeding season, observing that they do not have diseases, deworming them and giving them vitamin complexes.

Cage and nest

You already have your couple. Now you have to prepare their love nest for them. These cages must be as spacious as possible. They must be a minimum of 50 cm long. Do not forget to put a nest for when it comes time to lay. Make sure to keep the cage and accessories clean to prevent any kind of illness.

Canaries care

When it comes to raising canaries at home, it is also very important to take into account the care they need once they stop being young. Their diet should be very rich so they can have a lot of energy when it comes time to have babies. He mixes his food with vegetables, apples and boiled eggs mixed in turn with cookies.

One of the problems that you can find when you have several canaries is that they fight since the males tend to be aggressive towards the female, even being deadly for her. Be very vigilant about this aspect to separate them and that there is no damage.

Finally, you must bear in mind that there must be a nest for every two canaries. The most commonly used material is dryer lint, shredded paper, and burlap.