How to add multiple photos to one instagram story?

It is possible to upload multiple photos to a single Instagram story but to do so. You need to know its tools and know how to use them. Therefore, in this article, we will explain how to do it with several examples that will help you better understand its preparation.

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How to add multiple photos to one instagram story?

How to add multiple photos to one instagram story

Instagram has a feature called “Design” or “Layout”, which provides users with all the necessary tools to insert more than two photos in a story. To use it, run the following step by step:

  • Go to the section directed to making publications, which can be accessed by sliding your finger to the right.
  • Go to the “History” option and press the icon corresponding to “Design.”
  • By pressing the grid, you will find sections to add up to 6 images. Select the one you like.
  • You can directly take the photo with the Instagram camera or add one from the gallery, whose buttons are located in the lower right and left corners.
  • At the end of the collage, you must touch the check icon to proceed to publish it in your Instagram story.

Through Facebook

It is possible to insert more than two images in an Instagram story through Facebook, regardless of whether both accounts are linked. Once this is clear, the procedure to follow is:

  • Access the Facebook application.
  • Now, go to the section corresponding to “Create history.”
  • Next, add the main image to share. You also have the option to upload it from the gallery or take it with the camera of your device.
  • Now click on the “Stickers” icon.
  • This will bring up various sections to add, where you must select the “Gallery” symbol.
  • Enter the number of images you want to share. The user has the option to modify it to his liking with the help of his fingers, either in order to enlarge the photos or change their position.
  • Hit the “Save” button, which is located in the lower left corner. Thus, you will store the image in the gallery.

Note: If your Instagram and Facebook accounts are linked, you can share the story and it will automatically appear on both social networks. To achieve this, go to “Settings” > “Account Center” > “Sign in with accounts”.

Then go to Instagram and go to the “Your story” icon. Once done, place the item created from Facebook.
Note: This procedure does not work for the Lite version of the Facebook app.

Using Toolkit for Instagram – Gbox

An easy way to upload multiple photos in one is by using the Toolkit for Instagram – Gbox app. So run this method as follows:

  • Download and install the app.
  • You will be asked if the app can access your gallery, which you will need to press “ALLOW.” Once done, it will start a process to set this type of keyboard as the main one.
  • Later, go to Instagram and go to the corresponding function to upload a story.
  • Place the image of your choice, either from the camera or gallery. Then tap the add text icon.
  • The Gbox keyboard will appear, where you will have to choose the characteristic symbol from the gallery.
  • Choose the images you want to add. In it, you will find a bar that you can press in order to change the folder to find the photographs of your preference.
  • Finally, select the option aimed at sharing the story.