How Does Soil Become Polluted?

How is soil pollution caused? How do soil contaminants get into the ground? This article will cover all of these questions in order to show you how dangerous it can be when water, food, plants and animals in your surrounding area are contaminated with heavy metals.

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In general, if a water or liquid goes down through the earth’s soil and reaches the surface of the water then it has been contaminated by the earth’s soil. Heavy metals are one of the primary forms of contamination and the main way they do so is through precipitation. The heavy metals are deposited onto the ground as rain and are picked up from the ground as it flows down. If they have accumulated for some time in the ground, they are often released when the ground dries and the rainwater falls to the surface. However, heavy metals can also be deposited into the soil over time in various other ways. The most common forms of these heavy metals are lead, copper and mercury.

Soil can also become contaminated if the land has previously been used for industrial or manufacturing purposes. Before using the land again, it is important to rectify the situation or there could be harmful effects from the pollution on people and animals. For more information on Soil Remediation Services, visit Soilfix, suppliers of Soil Remediation Services

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Oil spillages can also contaminate soil, and this can happen if a garage or factory has been previously sited on the land. This can be very harmful, as well as a fire risk.