How best to help nervous dogs

Sometimes when faced with other dogs, even the most placid and calm of dogs can suddenly become aggressive. This is not because your dog is unfriendly or evil in nature, but simply because they are afraid and have caused their version of the human fight or flight reaction and feel the need to make themselves look as threatening as possible.

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There are some things that your dog is more likely to cause, and these may include:

A group of dogs who are off their lead running next to them

A dog barking from behind a fence that can not be seen by your dog

An unidentified dog that comes to you as the owner will cause your dog into a defensive mode.

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There are several basic strategies that you can use to support your dog when they feel insecure and nervous and as a result, can exhibit aggressive behaviour.

One of the best things to do for you is to make sure you have the right Dog Collars and Leads and that you walk your dog on a slightly slack short lead and keep your dog as close as possible to your side. Having a set of Designer Dog Collars from Iwoof will help them look the part. This allows your dog to feel better and more comfortable by your side, and also allows you to monitor your dog and be able to manoeuvre them away from any passing dogs that might make them nervous.

If they don’t respond to anything that might have irritated them previously and had them barking violently, always reward your dog, maybe with their favourite treat. You show your dog that you reward their good behaviour while still keeping them feeling safe and happy in this way.