Getting a home office set up for you.

There has been a huge increase in people working from home. Whilst this was a growing trend it has become the “new normal” for many people following recent events. For some, this has been perfect and many would like to see it continue (including employers). The success of home working stems from the set up that you have in your home to accommodate it. Here are a few tips to getting the set up right.

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  1. Have a good chair. An Operator Chair is one of the best for posture and desk spacing. Fast delivery on these cheap operator chairs is available especially as in many cases we have all been suddenly told to work from home.
  2. Get a good desk. This is not always possible. In many cases, teenagers off from school have suddenly found theirs commandeered by Mum or Dad. This can’t go on indefinitely and you will feel better having a nice space that you can organise and call your own.
  3. Find a private room or cordon off a space in a room. Finding a dedicated workspace is easier said than done. If you have a bedroom or spare room then this is ideal. However the living room table will do at a pinch.

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  1. Eliminated any interruptions and distractions. This means putting the phone in the draw and putting a lock on the door. The last thing you need is to have a four year old come bustling in when you’ve got a busy Skype call with the boss on the go.