Game Shows of the past. Were they any good?

The Weakest link, who wants to be a Millionaire, Tipping point and The chase, all modern game shows that have caught the imagination. However, what were the shows of the past like? First of all they couldn’t offer the huge amounts of money that the modern games offer. Even when ITV was created there were strict rules on the cash prizes that they could offer. For example in one example in the 50’s a lady won 6 months supply of Nylons. That isn’t to say that the game shows of the past were not creative, far from it. Some even had a whole variety element to them. Let’s have a look at some of the gems from the past. As with then you would have needed a good signal to see them and a TV Aerials Swansea based company is one of the best. TV Aerials Swansea by One Vision can certainly get your reception perfect.

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  1. The Golden Shot. Quite a neat concept, the contestants would answer questions and then earn the right to tell a model to fire a crossbow at a target. The better the shot the better the prizes. The whole thing was helped by comic and consummate professional Bob Monkhouse who was always great at these kinds of things.
  2. Blankety Blank. Utilising some of the wittiest and humorous stars of the day, Terry Wogan hosted this interesting BBC addition. Ol’ Tel would tell a joke and the contestant would insert a word in the Blank. They had to match up with the celebrities. It was just as good when Lily Savage and Les Dawson did it.

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  1. 3.2.1. A quick fire quiz then 45 minutes of sketches, dance and a convoluted set of questions, all to avoid winning a dustbin.