Mila Kunis height, weight, age, and body measurements

Find all the information you want to know about this beautiful American. How tall is she? ? Her dream body and her shapes make us all dream. You can look at her photos and contast that her physique and her figure have nothing to envy to other celebrities.

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Mila Kunis, her measurements her height her weight, here is all the information you need to know about your favorite American actress. Over the years she remains as sexy as ever, her morphology is worthy of models.

She could be a model given the shape of her body and she will make many men envy her. She always has a glamorous side in the photos. The shapes of this beautiful woman make her deserve to be on the front pages of fashion magazines.

Mila Kunis Height

Recently, we have paid a lot of attention to the little girls, today we are continuing in the same vein. Mila is one of those actresses who didn’t let her height prevent her from reaching the top of her career. Despite the fact that she is on the short side, the actress has managed to land a large number of leading roles in the industry. Her height is 1.63 m.

The measurements of Mila Kunis’s size and weight:Mila Kunis height

Measurements: 81-60-82

Height: 1.63 m

Weight: 52 Kg

Chest: 80B

BMI: 19.57

Mila Kunis’ BMI

Mila Kunis is an American actress with national and even international fame. With a height of 1.63m, a weight of 52 kg Mila Kunis has a body mass index of 19.57.

She has a normal figure despite her career. She has a normal BMI. Mila Kunis is therefore one of the women with an athletic physique with beautiful forms. You can discover other photos of Mila Kunis’s physique on her Instagram account or her Facebook page.

Learn more about Mila Kunis

Date of birth: August 14, 1983

Astrological Sign: Leo

American nationality

Age: 37

Green eyes

Brown hair

The biography and career of Mila Kunis

She was born on august 14, 1983 in Tchernivtsi (United States) , she is an American actress.