5 Low Cost Ways To Promote Your Business

Got a great product or service? Want to promote your business to the right audience but are short on funds? Not to worry, as you can rest assured that there are many clever ways to promote your business without racking up huge marketing and advertising costs. On that note, the following are just 5 of many low-cost ways through which you can promote your business.

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Be Active on Social MediaLow Cost Ways To Promote Your Business

The majority of people will look to the internet and in particular social media websites when looking for a product or service these days so ensure that you are active on a relevant social media platform. If you have a B2C business, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram may present a route to your target audience while for B2B businesses, LinkedIn and Twitter are your best bet.

Run a Competition

Running a competition that offers your products or services as a prize can prove an excellent means of promoting your business. Promote the contest in-store, by dropping leaflets into customer orders, via social media and other mediums at your disposal.

Custom Uniforms &Printed LanyardsLow Cost Ways To Promote Your Business

Ensure staff and business representatives are clothed in uniforms that represent your business image and use printed lanyards to further complement the overall look of an established firm. These printed lanyards can also be given out as free promotional gifts if you have some leftover.

Become a “Thought Leader”

Get yourself known as the expert in your line of business whether it is through an editorial or regular column in a local newspaper, through writing blog posts and sharing them on social media or through nailing down some opportunities to speak at relevant events.

Develop Partnerships

Consider any opportunities to develop partnerships. Could a supplier link to your website from their website or social media account? Could they refer your business to potential customers? Could partner with a charity or non-profit organization help you get in front of your target audience?

Promoting your business doesn’t require a huge budget – you just need to plan carefully. The above are just 5 out of the many hundreds of low-cost ways that you can promote your business.