What are WAV vehicles?

When you are confined to a wheelchair, being able to travel is fraught with considerable difficulties. Whilst the chair itself is an excellent way to get around, taking it to other locations to be used is terribly difficult. When technology has finally been able to catch up and provide disabled wheelchair users with a way to allow them to drive, or for their assistants to drive and have the chair ready for them, this will save having to place the chair in the boot, which takes up much needed space. The WAV is a big step to be able to give the wheelchair user independence to some degree.

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WAV means Wheelchair assisted Vehicle. A regular car can be converted, or is built especially, to allow the wheelchair user to be a passenger or the driver. In the past vehicles that were made for wheelchair users were very distinctive and drew attention. These additions to a regular car mean that the stigma that the disabled person feels is negated.

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A regular car is converted by a company like clarkemobility.com/ who can install the proper add ons that make up WAV Vehicles. However it should be noted that for the most part the WAV’s are based on vans rather than regular standard automobiles. However, this is changing and the choice is growing as technology advances. The best way forward is to contact the company above and assess what the options are and how you can move this forward.