Qualities needed to work in home care

Working in a home care role for a Homecare Stroud company, or other agency is incredibly rewarding work and the role can be very varied depending on the clients that you are working with on any given day. It is a role that can either be entered into as a result of qualifying beforehand or there are many apprenticeships that are available for you to study and work alongside a registered professional whilst you learn the job.

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There are a number of characteristics that are important when going onto this type of work.

Patience: You need someone who is very patient and compassionate, because both of you will often have stressful moments and those needing homecare support will often need more time to complete everyday activities.

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A Good Listener: You need someone to listen to you and to hear what you’re thinking. This is particularly important for those individuals needing care that might otherwise not have any visitors during the day.

Responsibility: When it comes to maintaining a fixed schedule, this whole agreement depends on how responsible all parties are. When it comes to maintaining a diet and taking drugs, it is important that you are responsible and organised.

Punctuality: You need someone to take timeliness very seriously, given that the treatment they provide will be scheduled for much of the day and there may be times when medication or treatments need to be administered on a set timescale. An example of this is a clinic that offers medication assisted treatment for people suffering from substance abuse like opioids.