How To Organize Birthday For Your Kid On a Budget

It isn’t about putting in some high budget parties to make a birthday occasion special. In fact, there are many ways you can make any birthday occasion special as well as memorable too, without any high budget plans. Below are some of them, courtesy of pokies online.

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  1. Keep your guest list small.

There’s no unwritten rule saying you have to invite your kid’s entire class, soccer team roster and park playground buddies to their birthday party. It’s a nice thought, but it’s not realistic. Try to limit your guest list to under 10 kids. Don’t forget, you’ll probably have parents sticking around too, and that can impact your food and cake budget.

  1. Make your own invitations.

We live in a digital world, so take advantage of it! Your kid’s fifth birthday isn’t their wedding day, so don’t fork over $200 for printed, glossy invitations. Instead, make your own digital invites online and send them out via email or text.

  1. Use free printables to decorate.

Good news, people: Pinterest exists! You no longer have to go to the local party store to stock up on decorations. There are plenty of free printables up for grabs online. Yeah, that’s right—free. You can’t beat that! All you have to do is set aside some time to search around the web, find what you need, and print them out.

But word to the wise: Don’t get suckered into the vortex of Pinterest party pictures to the point that you start comparing your own party to someone else’s. Sure, you can get some great birthday party ideas and inspiration on there, but remember, you’re planning a birthday party on a budget—your budget. Don‘t let Pinterest dictate what that budget should be.

  1. Pick a theme you already have decorations for

Half the fun of throwing a birthday party is picking out a theme and watching it play out. But remember, just because your child wants a superhero theme doesn’t mean you have to buy all the official gear at the specialty stores.

Here’s a cheap birthday pro tip: Try to pick (or encourage your kiddo to pick) a birthday party theme that uses things you already have. If your kid’s favorite superhero is Batman, then you probably have plenty of things already on hand to use as decorations. So, shop your house before you leave your front door to head to the store.

  1. Have the party at your house

Call us crazy, but there’s nothing wrong with throwing a birthday party in your living room, dining room or somewhere that doesn’t require you to pay for it. Seriously. If you want to have a birthday party on a budget, that’s how you roll. Why shell out $300 to rent a trampoline park (plus the deposit) when you can just throw a party in your own backyard or at a park? Just like bringing the casino to your house with the best nz casino sites.

  1. Don’t party at meal time

If your party starts at 5 p.m., be prepared to feed people. The same goes for lunchtime. If you invite people over at the time they’re used to eating, then they’re going to expect food. But don’t fret. You can cover this by giving them finger foods (not a full meal) and picking an off time when no one expects to eat, like 10:30 a.m. or 2 p.m.

No matter what time of day you go with, do give your guests a few snacks to munch on. No one likes a party where there are no snacks. You’re on a budget here, but you’re not a monster. Plus, a room full of hangry kids is never a good idea.

  1. Make or decorate your own cake

If you’re a regular Martha Stewart, you might envision going all out and making your own cake from scratch and decorating it with layers of fondant—you go-getter, you! But if you’re not so culinary talented, feel free to grab the nearest box mix and icing at the grocery store.

We know—making your own cake at home can be a real pain in the neck. Is the box mix and premade icing cheap? Sure. But sometimes, the hassle of actually making the cake can deflate you of any birthday spirit. That’s what generic cakes from the grocery store are for.