How To Find Out More About The Greece Golden Visa

The country offers a fast-track route for residency by investment with the minimum required investment being just 250,000 euros. The residence permit enables visa-free travel throughout the entire EU and Schengen area and can be renewed every five years without any requirement to live in Greece, as long as the real estate investment remains intact. Dependent children can also be included in the application and benefit from a residence permit that automatically expires when their sponsor’s Golden Visa expires.

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Investors can choose any property that meets the minimum requirements, which includes both commercial and residential properties in mainland Greece as well as islands. They can even opt for a mixed-use property. Furthermore, investors can co-invest with other parties; for example, four people could buy a million euro villa together and all qualify for the Greek Golden Visa. For more detailed information on the Golden Visa Greece, contact a company such as Georgaki Law Firm.

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The programme’s many alluring features have helped to drive growth over the past couple of years, with 28 767 investors and their families having been granted a residence visa through the Golden Visa Greece scheme by 2022. The Greek economy has seen significant benefits as a result, with a major foreign investment boom driving over EUR2.6 billion worth of investments.