Famous pubs in literature

The pub is one of the most important elements of a story. It provides a setting where all of the characters can come together and meet. As these are public places it enables the author to set up a starting point in the story or alternatively a place that the characters are looking to get to later on. There are plenty of examples of famous pubs  in both fantasy and reality based literature. Many of them may inspire you to run your own pub. Finance For Pubs requires Specialist Business Finance but this can easily be achieved. Maybe one day your pub will be the feature of a novel.

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The Prancing Pony – This is where the Hobbits first encounter Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings. He is sitting in a dark corner, moodily smoking his pipe.The Hobbits are actually meant to be meeting Gandalf  but he has been otherwise delayed by the treachery of Saruman.

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Jamaica Inn –  This is a real Pub located in the middle of Bodmin Moor. It is the setting for a secret meeting place for smugglers keen to sell their illegal wares. Its remote location and wild setting truly set the tone for Daphne de Maurier’s famous novel.

The Admiral Benbow – Considered to be one of the greatest novels ever written in English literature,  the Benbow was the starting place for the Adventures of Jack Hawkins in Treasure Island. The evocative cliff top setting introduces us to Billy Bones and his famous box.